Amsted Seals adds state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in China

Amsted Seals, a global leader in sealing solutions and cutting-edge metal fabrication, has acquired Clark Seals Ningbo, to be renamed Amsted Seals Ningbo (ASN). The IATF-certified seal production facility, built in 2012, incorporates the latest in manufacturing, testing, and quality control systems to supply oil, grease, and bearing seals to customers in Asia and the wider global market.

“With 128,000 square feet and future capacity of 96 presses, the acquisition of ASN is part of the ongoing commitment of Amsted Seals to produce and deliver the highest quality seals in the world,” said Michael Carter, President of Amsted Seals.

Amsted Seals is committed to long-term investment in the people, quality, technological innovation, and talent development in Ningbo. As manufacturers, engineers, service providers, and innovators, Amsted’s goal is to provide sustainable growth for the people and communities where we operate.

A look inside the state-of-the-art Amsted Seals Ningbo facility


ASN will produce shaft seals, bearing seals and other sealing products for a broad range of applications including rail, heavy duty truck, appliance, automotive, agriculture/ construction, industrial, and outdoor power/recreation.

“We’re excited to welcome the Ningbo facility into our worldwide network of manufacturing excellence,” stated Michael Carter, “and be better positioned to respond to our customers’ needs in the most cost-efficient manner.”

As part of the transaction, Amsted Seals and previous owner Clark Seals LLC out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, entered into a 10-year commercial agreement, establishing Clark Seals as the preferred distributor for certain sealing products.

Amsted Seals is a part of Amsted Industries, a diversified, global manufacturer of industrial components with a long heritage of cutting-edge manufacturing and continuous product innovation. The Amsted companies are leaders in providing solutions for rail, trucking, automotive, construction and industrial applications.