Rail Seals

Amsted Seals has a decades-long track record of proven performance in the rail industry. Our range of bearing seal options ensure the utmost reliability and durability in the harsh operating environments of rail.


Tru-Guard® Bearing Seals

With proven railroad performance since 2010, the Tru-Guard® boasts a true non-contact, virtually zero-torque seal design.

DDL® Bearing Seals

The most common bearing seal used for the last 20 years, the DDL is ideal for customers looking for reliability with less concern about seal torque.

ST-212 Bearing Seals

Introduced in 1995, the ST-212 is a lower torque seal option with little-to-no grease purge.

Efficiency Plus® Bearing Seals

Since 2006, the Efficiency Plus® has helped avoid grease purge with a low-torque labyrinth seal design.

Bearing Seal Performance Features

Seal OptionPerformance Feature
PN CodeNameGrease RetentionContaminant ExclusionSeal Torque/TemperatureNon-Verified Removal Prevention
During Break-InAfter break-In
STDouble Dust Lip (DDL®)BetterBetterGoodGoodGood
GEfficiency Plus® (EP)BestGoodBetterBetterBetter

Designed to exceed expectations

We offer comprehensive design and engineering services, optimizing each seal to exact specifications for peak performance.