Analog Hubodometers

Analog hubodometers with are available to fit a wide range of tire sizes. The analog hubodometer angles up for easier reading and has a magnifying polycarbonate crystal to enlarge digits.


  • Popular compact size 3″ diameter (7.6cm)
  • Features an industry standard ½” – 20 mounting stud
  • Hermetically sealed with inert gas and double O-ring protection
  • Die cast zinc case; oil impregnated bronze bearings; hardened steel shaft
  • Records every revolution in both directions
  • Unique counterbalance design
  • Fully mechanical with acetal resin gear, pinions and wheel


  • Ensures airtight, tamperproof, waterproof, sealed enclosure
  • Most durable unit on market
  • Reduces inventory
  • Eliminates orbiting and provides precision accuracy
  • No calibration, tampering, batteries, or catastrophic failure