Truck Wheel Seals

Truck wheel seals from Amsted Seals and Forming, also known as oil seals, hub seals, and cassette seals, are engineered to withstand harsh road conditions, poor weather, and frequent braking without risking vehicle downtime or expensive repairs.


Truck Hub Seal

The newest truck wheel seal system from Amsted Seals and Forming, is the best performing seal in the industry.

  • Amsted Seals Patented Design
  • Extensive laboratory and field validation testing
  • Sturdy construction reduces installation damage
  • Proprietary HNBR compound provides exceptional oil retention, contamination exclusion and wear resistance throughout thermal extremes and life of hub
  • Can be used with oil or grease hubs

Designed to exceed expectations

We offer comprehensive design and engineering services, optimizing each seal to exact specifications for peak performance.

  • 144-point engineering process
  • Range of material options for proper resistances and characteristics
  • Tooling and prototyping
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Rigorous quality control standards