Freight Rail Seals

Amsted Seals and Forming has a decades-long track record of proven performance in the rail industry. Our range of bearing seal options ensure the utmost reliability and durability in the harsh operating environments of freight rail.


DDL® Bearing Seals

The most common bearing seal used for the last 20 years, the DDL is ideal for customers looking for reliability with less concern about seal torque.

  • Utilized in applications in heavy haul markets in North America, Australia, South Africa and Brazil
  • More than 30 million DDL-style seals produced
  • More than 7.5 trillion service miles

ST-212 Bearing Seals

Introduced in 1995, the ST-212 is a lower torque seal option with little-to-no grease purge.

Efficiency Plus® Bearing Seals

Since 2006, the Efficiency Plus® has helped avoid grease purge with a low-torque labyrinth seal design.

Tru-Guard® Bearing Seals

With proven railroad performance since 2010, the Tru-Guard® boasts a true non-contact, virtually zero-torque seal design.

  • Highest Performing seal in North America, Russia, Brazil and Australia
  • More than 2 million in service worldwide
  • Non-contact– no rubbing lips or surfaces
  • Pure labyrinth seal – tortuous path design
  • Zero torque seal adds no heat, maintaining low bearing system temperatures
  • Elimination of elastomer – only metal and plastic

Bearing Seal Performance Features

Seal OptionPerformance Feature
PN CodeNameGrease RetentionContaminant ExclusionSeal Torque/TemperatureNon-Verified Removal Prevention
During Break-InAfter break-In
STDouble Dust Lip (DDL®)BetterBetterGoodGoodGood
GEfficiency Plus® (EP)BestGoodBetterBetterBetter

Designed to exceed expectations

We offer comprehensive design and engineering services, optimizing each seal to exact specifications for peak performance.

  • 144-point engineering process
  • Range of material options for proper resistances and characteristics
  • Tooling and prototyping
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Rigorous quality control standards