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Precision Metal Components, Compelling Benefits

Inno-Spin is a leading-edge manufacturer of precision metal parts in rail, automotive, heavy-duty trucking and other industries. The groundbreaking Inno-Spin process offers a powerful alternative to transfer press applications, raising the bar on quality control. Through automation and process innovation, the Inno-Spin process delivers significant cost efficiencies and environmental benefits while maintaining the dimensional and performance characteristics of stamped products. It’s the ideal fabrication solution for round and cylindrical metal components.

Unmatched Value

Process benefits offer compelling value with reduced sensitivity to material volatility

Precision Dimensional Accuracy

High tolerances and consistent dimensional accuracy verified across millions of parts

Secondary Processes

Enhance throughput and elimination of secondary processes

Innovative Production Process

Highly automated production process with 100% in-line testing possible

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reduces scrap, emissions, handling and overall waste


Inno-Spin blanks fit into existing forming operations

Quality Control Throughout

Highly controlled production process

Lower Tooling Costs, Rapid Changeovers

Dramatically reduce startup tooling costs

Rapid Prototyping

Inno-Spin’s rapid product development can cut your time to market

Process Control

Tight control throughout forming process steps, 100% in line testing possible

Zero Defect Production

The Inno-Spin process features unmatched quality control start-to-finish through our ‘smart factory’ setup, backed up by extensive experience in operational and laboratory environments.

High-Volume Capabilities

Quality Control Start To Finish



Proven Reliability, Whatever The Application

With over 75 billion miles of experience across the globe and decades of precision automation experience, count on Inno-Spin products to get the job done for your application.